This girl on weibo said she met Kris few years ago (before exo debut) Kris saw her carrying a lot of luggages so he gave her a helping hand.

Now tell me how to not love this man?

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The DJ ask "if you have a free day for yourself what would you do?" and Taemin replied he wants to meet his friends and play. The DJ suggest that he should leave them a message but Taemin said it’s too cheesy. His hyungs keep insisting him to do it so Taemin just choose one of his close friend, Moonkyu and told him to practice well and work hard. The DJ prompt him to say “I love you”. Taemin keep saying he isn’t that type to say things like that but in the end, his hyungs had persuade him to say it. Minho laughed and said,”you have a talent to turn everything into an awkward situation”

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[YOUNGSTREET] During Baekhyun’s call out, Baek said he’ll find the girl by walking and cycling. Then there’s Chen who secretly mumbling “because he has no driving license”

cr: 小智MAX

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do you ever look at people just and really really really want to be their friend

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No one dared to sit next to King’s seat. The uncle who used to sit in the seat said “If you guys like this seat, I could give it to to guys.” In that moment, it was very overwhelming and caused some commotion. Approximately an hour later, the uncle returned and said “All of them are too afraid to sit next to you, so I might as well return.” *sigh* At that time, the seat had been filled with fan letters, pens and paper. The uncle took a look and said, “If you need it, I could not sit here.” Kris then hurriedly started to tidy the seat, “No no, you should come back and sit, you can sit!


Cr: 土逼xi小王子

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@Elaine092 吴亦凡要等我 130222 Kris in Hong Kong

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clumsy and distracted jongin

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iridescent boy | do not edit.

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